This morning I sent the issue number 8 of my newsletter. I started with the idea to share weekly what I found interesting. Maybe this could help others, or at least entertain. I set myself a goal: 8 issues. When you’ve done 8 issues, sit, think and reevaluate. These are my learnings so far:

Having something to say every week is difficult

Writing original content every week is pretty complicated. I managed to do 6 original posts, but in the last two issues, I only shared content from others that I found interesting. Following the 80/20 rule, this original article is 80% of the time. So from now on, I will only write something original when it makes sense. Maybe once every two weeks.

Growing an audience is not easy

If you are reading this, you are one of my 13 subscribers (at the moment that I send the email). Writing a newsletter should be more for yourself than for others. If you start a newsletter only to grow an audience most probably you will quit soon.

I started writing my articles at the beginning of the newsletter. This was good because people did not have to click to read it. The bad part is that is less likely people are going to share something that has mixed content. I found myself not wanting to share on Hacker News or Reddit, because the issues contained more than original content. So I moved the articles to my blog and from now on I’ll write a couple of sentences and a link to the blog.

Writing on a cadence help me put down thoughts

Now going to the positive side. Even if it’s difficult to continue writing every week, it forces me to put my thoughts into words. What I’m doing right now. Writing helps you think better and more deeply about topics.

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