This is an opinion of the iPhone 13 keynote. If you have not seen it yet, here is the link.

Apple used to play this card really well. They played with the emotions when selling their products. All the time. They improve the camera: your family memories will look better. Until this keynote.

In previous keynotes, Apple was showing families or groups of friends using their products. In this one they changed the focus completely. All the usage of the new cameras and the new features were showing a Hollywood-ish scene in action. Which audience are you targeting here Apple? People that don’t understand what rack focus is will think is as cool effect. But will relate to what they expect from a phone? I don’t think so. The average iPhone user would love to see their family memories get a quality improvement, and they won’t empathize with a movie scene.

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In my case, personally, I enjoyed it. I love creating videos, so the showcase made me imagine what I could do with the phone. So, in my opinion, it was an event for the nerds. Nits, operations per second, herzts and f/1.6 cameras. These numbers mean nothing to the average user. Unless you are a tech person that understands what it means.

And I think this is part of the reason for the disappointment that we see after the presentation: “Not enough changes worth to upgrade”, “As expensive as a MacBook air”.

Because, when you captivate with emotion, people forget about the price. And when you focus on numbers and specs people will remember this. The numbers.