I started daily logging. No, I did not forget a v for (v)logging or a b for (b)logging. I call it logging because it’s like a software log. Short, concise, and a lot of them over the day. You can use it when you need to remember or understand something that happened. Could be also called short-form journaling if you will.

The Format

I write down bullet points when something interesting or new happened. I also add thoughts, ideas, or insights. I keep only one note, with the number of the day in the beginning and everything afterward. Something like this:

- Today I sent the first newsletter email with Substack.
- I watched a new episode of Abstract about Ian Spalter. Insightful.

I also add links for both things that I want to read or things that I read that I found interesting. I add next to the link where I found it, in case I want to attribute afterward.

I also copy/paste quotes from books that I find inspiring.

Personal log and work log

I keep two different logs. One personal and one for work. The personal one has more ideas, insights or articles I want to read. Also, things that I learn in videos, podcasts or books.

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I have one single note that I only append things. This way I don’t need to find in which note I wrote it, but only remember more or less which day I did. I use Apple Notes for the personal log as I have it on all my devices and I can write everywhere.

Software I use for daily logging

For work logging, I use a markdown file in my computer. I write down everything, even confidential meeting notes, so I value privacy here. And here I don’t need the portability of Apple Notes, as when I work I’m always in the laptop.

Other kinds of logs

It’s interesting that this format of journaling serves other purposes. For example, I have a log of all the important milestones my kids achieved. This is not a daily log, for sure, but I have a long note with this format:

18th July 2018: First time laughing.
11th January 2019: First time going to the swimming pool!

What I think after 30 days of daily Logging

It takes a lot of time to keep a log of all the things that I do. I need to constantly remind myself to keep track of the important things. Having the software all day open helps a lot.

Even if it takes a lot of time, it made me have a list of relevant things that I want to share, talk about, or not to forget at all. Having this list, helped me recap easily every week on my newsletter and have topics to talk about every week. This is good for preventing writer’s block while doing some kind of writing in a high cadence.