• The Dopamine Masterclass by Andrew Huberman (my notes)

    Two weeks ago I was writing in the newsletter about how dopamine made us addicted to social media. This week I listened to a Podcast that I enjoyed A LOT. The podcast is the Huberman Lab, hosted by a Neuroscience Professor at Stanford.

  • Personal goal achieved!

    This morning I sent the issue number 8 of my newsletter. I started with the idea to share weekly what I found interesting. Maybe this could help others, or at least entertain. I set myself a goal: 8 issues. When you’ve done 8 issues, sit, think and reevaluate. These are my learnings so far:

  • Consistency is key, but...

    Write online when you have something to say

  • An Emotion-Lack Keynote

    This is an opinion of the iPhone 13 keynote. If you have not seen it yet, here is the link.

  • How to create a habit: The Two-Minute Rule

    Prepare for the unexpected. When starting a new habit you will have ups and downs. For me, I wanted to write a weekly newsletter, so it meant a new habit to write a little bit every day and share it every Friday.

  • Deligth users: The Formula

    This is the dictionary definition of delight. But recently I discovered a formula that describes delight in another way:

  • How to exercise more: Buy an Apple Watch

    I was about 6 editions considering if I should buy an Apple Watch or not. I have a lot of Apple products. But I only buy them if it makes sense. For all these years I did not find any use of the Apple Watch worth the price. Until now.

  • How to not forget anything: Daily Logging

    I started daily logging. No, I did not forget a v for (v)logging or a b for (b)logging. I call it logging because it’s like a software log. Short, concise, and a lot of them over the day. You can use it when you need to remember or understand something that happened. Could be also called short-form journaling if you will.

  • How do I stop Google Meet from auto-adjusting my microphone (macOS)

    Google meet is messing up your microphone input levels? This post is a result of not finding any viable solution on any Google official support page. I want to explain to you my solution to stop having Google Meet changing the audio levels all the time.

  • Convert mov to gif in one command

    I created a command line function using ffmpeg to quickly convert a MOV file to a GIF. I often do screen recordings of the apps and things that I develop. I then want to share this recordings, most of the times in Slack or in a website. That’s why I want to create a fast GIF from the recording.

  • How to launch a side project: Asking for feedback

    Recognize it. How many side projects have you started in your life? I am guilty of starting dozens. These are super good to learn new languages, try new APIs or just have fun. If you are like me, all these side projects are in a folder, hoping to see daylight someday. After a while working on a project a new idea comes up, and is 100x more interesting than the current project.

  • How I check blog analytics without using Google Analytics

    Stop using Google Analytics is a decision I took when I started Code and Frames. I used Google Analytics in the past for other projects and I love all the information you can get. I still consider it is a great product, but as with any free product, it comes with trade-offs. In this post, I’m going to explain the nerdy alternative that I took to substitute Google Analytics.